Using e-mails with your very own domain is more convenient and it'll give you more authority as a company if you keep in touch with business partners. Such an e-mail address does look better when some visitor on your website contacts you through a feedback form and you need to reply. How user-friendly it will be to handle your e-mail communication can often be as vital as the quality of the service, considering that some website hosting Control Panels make it quite challenging and time-consuming to handle standard tasks for example enabling anti-spam protection or forwarding your emails. That is why, you should choose an e-mail service that will allow you to access everything easily and that will help make the control over your e-mails quick and easy.
Advanced E-mail Manager in Cloud Hosting
With the hi-tech Email Manager instrument that you will get as a part of our custom-built Hepsia Control Panel in case you purchase a cloud hosting plan, you will handily have all of the e-mail options that you will ever need in a single place and only several mouse-clicks away. Once you activate the instrument, you're able to see all of the mailboxes that you have for your domain names and if any of them is a catch-all one or it features forwarding or anti-spam protection. These options are enabled and disabled as easily as clicking a button. Advanced options, for example adding SPF protection, are readily available through quick access buttons plus right-click popup menus. Also, you can access the webmail for any mailbox or download an auto-setup file for Outlook, Thunderbird and Apple Mail from the very same section. Our Email Manager is simple enough to be employed by people with minimum experience and it features plenty of exhaustive help articles. In addition, it includes functions for advanced users as well and it can save you time and efforts even for more complex duties.
Advanced E-mail Manager in Semi-dedicated Hosting
We've put everything relevant to your email addresses handily in one place in the Email Manager section of our custom Hepsia Control Panel, thus when you obtain a semi-dedicated server package through us, you're able to manage your electronic communication with ease. In this particular section, you'll be able to see the full list of your mailboxes listed in alphabetical order, as well as if any of them has anti-spam protection, forwarding or a catch-all feature turned on. If it doesn't, you will be able to activate any of these functions with only a mouse-click through quick access buttons. You can even enable more advanced options like mailing lists and SPF protection. The Email Manager allows you to use the webmail for any e-mail address with just a few clicks or to download auto-setup files for Outlook and Apple Mail.